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What’s the point of MacIntyre?

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m sure Steve MacIntyre is a nice guy but, nice guy or not, I just don’t understand why he’s employed by the Oilers. I didn’t understand it when Tambellini signed him as a free agent in the off season and I don’t understand it now. Presumably his presence is intended to deter the opposition from taking liberties with our young and/or small forwards, but does that really happen? He’s only skated in 11 of the Oilers 41 games this season. Is he really that intimidating in the press box? When he is in the lineup he averages on 3:51 of ice time, which doesn’t seem like much time to accomplish much of anything. But even if MacIntyre was played more frequently would it really impact how other teams play against the Oilers?

I don’t know why it would because he doesn’t fight the average player, only other heavyweights (in MacIntyre’s defense he isn’t alone here, all heavyweights do this). So in the event that a player did take a run at an Oiler or threw a borderline hit they, in all likelihood, wouldn’t have to answer to MacIntyre for it. His fight card this season doesn’t dispute this. His four fights have been with Ivanas, Boogaard (twice), and Orr – not a group of guys known for their hockey skills. So why would any player change their game for fear of MacIntyre if they wouldn’t have to fight MacIntyre? Read more…


NHL Unveils A Chunk Of The Oilers TV Schedule

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

The NHL unveiled the television schedules today for NBC Sports, CBC, TSN, TSN2, RDS, and NHL Network Canada. The majority of Oiler games are televised on Sportsnet or Sportsnet One but this announcement gives fans a look at when the team will be seen by a national audience.

CBC will carry 14 Oiler games including the season opener against Calgary, 12 Saturday games, and one random Thursday night game against Montreal. CBC spread out the Hockey Night in Canada late game pretty well this season; the Oilers will host that game 7 times, Calgary 7 (including the Heritage Classic), and Vancouver 10. This is a big improvement on last season.

TSN picks up another 10 Oiler telecasts; no games are scheduled to be seen on TSN2. The remaining 58 will all be on one of the two Sportsnet channels. I heard on the radio that as many as 18 games are scheduled for Sportsnet On (this makes sense since Sportsnet carried 40 games last season) so if you haven’t done so already call your cable provider and request that channel. Read more…

Torres Signs in Vancouver

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

If you thought the Hawks got a hell of a deal getting Pisani at $0.5 million then you’ll love that the Canucks have signed ex-Oiler Raffi Torres to a one year deal worth a $1 million. At that dollar amount it’s really a no lose deal for the Canucks; he should fit in well on the Canucks third line and can play top six minutes if need be.

Great signing by Vancouver. Tambellini is still sitting on his hands.

Read the story from TSN here.