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Ex-Oilers are killing the current Oilers

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Through the Oilers first twelve games a rather strange pattern of ex-Oilers contributing heavily for their new club in games against the Oil has begun to emerge. Reasoner did it. Brodziak did it. Torres did it. Even Cleary joined the party last week and help the Wings sink the Oilers.

This morning I mused on Twitter that O’Sullivan might be good for a three point night tonight. Derek Zona was on the same page and suggested that a game against the Oilers might be just what O’Sullivan needs to snap out of a goal scoring slump.

All of which got me to thinking – just how big has the contribution from ex-teammates of the Copper and Blue been this season. As it turns out the impact is pretty big. Read more…


Torres Signs in Vancouver

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

If you thought the Hawks got a hell of a deal getting Pisani at $0.5 million then you’ll love that the Canucks have signed ex-Oiler Raffi Torres to a one year deal worth a $1 million. At that dollar amount it’s really a no lose deal for the Canucks; he should fit in well on the Canucks third line and can play top six minutes if need be.

Great signing by Vancouver. Tambellini is still sitting on his hands.

Read the story from TSN here.