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Oilers Training Camp Starts And I’ve Got Paajarvi Fever

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Can you believe that training camp is finally upon us? The Oilers last laced up the skates more than five months ago when they wrapped up their season on April 11 with their 47th loss, a 7-2 beating at the hands of the Ducks. Considering that the 2009/10 Oilers finished 33 points out of the playoffs and 17 points behind the second worst team in the western Conference I can’t even remember the last time they played a game that actually matter for anything. I assume it was sometime in January.

But last season is in the past and I for one am ready for a new one to start. I certainly don’t expect the Oilers to make the playoffs this season but I’m excited for the new season all the same. Barring another 500 man games lost to injury I don’t think that this years incarnation of the Oilers will be as bad as last years club and that alone should be reason for excitement. That the Oilers have multiple young potential stars in camp this year only helps to make fans like myself even more excited.

If I was to guess I’d say that Hall is the guy most fans want to get a look at, but not me. Of course I’m interested to see Hall. He was of course the first overall selection in last years draft so what hockey fan wouldn’t be interested to see him play? Maybe I’m suffering from Taylor Hall overload after listening and reading about the kid for four solid months leading up to the draft, but whatever the reason he’s just not the guy I’m going to watch. For my money Paajarvi is the guy to see. Read more…


Oilers Sign Gagner

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

The Oilers and Sam Gagner have reached an agreement on a two year deal worth an average of $2.275 M. The first thought in my head when I heard of the signing was “finally”. Well actually it was “what the hell took so damn long”. September is nearly here and the Oilers and yet there were still contracts to be hammered out with both Gagner and Cogliano. Crossing off “Contract with Sam Gagner” now leaves a new contract with Cogliano alone at the top of Steve Tambellini’s to do list. Trade Souray should be up there too but I would bet that it’s on the back burner right now when compared to getting these deals finished.

The biggest hurdle with the Gagner and Cogliano deals is the term; Tambellini said as much in an interview he did on Oilers Lunch on Wednesday. The players are looking for longer terms and the team is looking to keep the term shorter, I would assume to reduce the risk of signing a deal that looks ugly a couple of years from now. Gagner and Cogliano are both young and there seems to be a good upside to both but the team still hasn’t figured out what type of pros these guys are going to be. Read more…