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A new road jersey for the Oilers in 2011/12?

January 18, 2011 Leave a comment

At some point between the end of last season and the start of this season the Oilers retro coloured jerseys became their home jerseys. When exactly this happened I don’t know; I first noticed it in December in the Oilers online store. Regardless of when it happened, I think it’s a good move for a couple of reasons. First I love the old colours, simple as that. Second I don’t really like the layout of our current white and navy jerseys. The stripes on the arms and the piping on the front just don’t look all that great to me. I don’t mind them but I wouldn’t miss them either if they were replaced; which has already happened for the home jerseys and, according to Icethetics, could happen to the road jerseys as well for the start of the 2011/12 seasonRead more…