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I love that little red headed bastard

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

How can you not love Liam Reddox? At 5’11” and just 178 lbs he’s probably been told more times than he cares to count that he isn’t big enough to play in the NHL. If you made a list of the most talented players within the Oilers organization you wouldn’t find him anywhere near the top. And yet Reddox is a guy that simply gets things done when he’s inserted into the lineup.

Reddox’s games isn’t flashy but he fills his role to a tee. Last night he skated alongside Brule and Omark and even though he was on the ice for just 11:28 but he managed to contribute in that time. He made a great pass from behind the Wings net to Brule in the slot for the Oilers first goal. He skated his ass off all night and his four hits were the most any players was credited with. If you’re looking for a downside to his game last night you could find it on the Wings third goal where he probably should have picked up Draper as he was streaking to the net; but one mistake shouldn’t colour the whole game. Read more…


There is a time and a place for composite sticks

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

In the world of professional sports, technology advancements can help give an athlete or a team a competitive advantage that could be the difference between winning and losing. Swimsuit technology has gotten so advanced that FINA (the international governing body of swimming) has had to ban certain types of suits to ensure a competitive balance in the sport. Golf has been impacted by new club technology and advances in golf ball technology as well. The result is the ball is being hit farther than ever before and golf courses need to be lengthened just to keep up. Augusta National, the home of The Masters, was lengthened in 2002 and 2006 and now measures 7,445 yards; up 520 yards from 6,925 yards just a few years earlier.

And of course technology has changed the game of hockey too. New materials have led to lighter equipment. The Reebok Edge jersey is a technological advance over previous versions. But in the game of hockey technologies biggest impact has been on the hockey stick.

Once upon a time hockey sticks were made of wood, now most players use a composite stick. Composite sticks are lighter and more flexible than there wooden counter parts. I don’t know if it has been scientifically proven but most players believe they can shoot the puck faster using a composite stick. A lighter, more flexible stick would tend to back up that claim. But these sticks aren’t all upside; there have drawbacks too. Chief among them is that they break far more frequently.

And it’s their lack of durability that makes me question why they’re used by so many NHL players. Read more…