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Cogliano And The Oilers Finally Come To Terms

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

With players reporting to camp in just seven days the Oilers and Andrew Cogliano have finally agreed to terms on a new contract. Wow did that take a long time. And let me say it came not a moment too soon. Just minutes after I read a story from Craig Custance that Cogliano had a serious offer to play in Russia this season, news of the new contract broke. I wasn’t really sold that Russia was going to be a truly viable option for Cogliano but considering how getting this deal done has dragged on and on and on it did make me just a little less comfortable all the same.

It’s a one year deal and because the Oilers still operate with a mindset circa 1955 when it comes to releasing financial details the dollars aren’t know just yet. My bet is that it’ll be in the $1.25-1.5 M range which would put him somewhere between what a player with two 18 goals seasons in his first three years in the league would get and what a player coming off a career low of 10 goals would get. Read more…


Hall Will Wear Number 4 But I Wish He Wouldn’t

September 8, 2010 2 comments

According to the Edmonton Journal, Taylor Hall will be wearing the number 4 when he joins the Oilers this season. Hall will be only the Oiler other than Kevin Lowe to wear that number during the Oilers NHL history. I don’t know for sure but I have to assume someone wore 4 during the Oilers seven seasons in the WHA. To be totally fair what number a player is going to wear isn’t really all that important but this is Edmonton and the only Oiler related news available right now consists of trade rumors for Souray and the state of Cogliano’s contract negotiations, so this counts as significant news.

Kevin Lowe is a huge part of the Oilers history. Everyone already knows the facts but they’re worth repeating: he was the clubs first pick in the 1979 entry draft; he scored the teams first goal in the NHL; he was a part of all five Oiler Stanley Cup winning teams; he has served time as the team’s captain, coach, and general manager; and he is the only Oiler to play more that 1000 games for the team. Bruce McCurdy thought enough of Lowe to include him on the Oilers Mount Puckmore. Regardless of what you might think of some of his most recent work in the Oilers front office you can’t deny his impact on the history of the Oilers. Read more…

Oilers Sign Gagner

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

The Oilers and Sam Gagner have reached an agreement on a two year deal worth an average of $2.275 M. The first thought in my head when I heard of the signing was “finally”. Well actually it was “what the hell took so damn long”. September is nearly here and the Oilers and yet there were still contracts to be hammered out with both Gagner and Cogliano. Crossing off “Contract with Sam Gagner” now leaves a new contract with Cogliano alone at the top of Steve Tambellini’s to do list. Trade Souray should be up there too but I would bet that it’s on the back burner right now when compared to getting these deals finished.

The biggest hurdle with the Gagner and Cogliano deals is the term; Tambellini said as much in an interview he did on Oilers Lunch on Wednesday. The players are looking for longer terms and the team is looking to keep the term shorter, I would assume to reduce the risk of signing a deal that looks ugly a couple of years from now. Gagner and Cogliano are both young and there seems to be a good upside to both but the team still hasn’t figured out what type of pros these guys are going to be. Read more…

Could Hartnell Have Been An Oiler?

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Last night Dan Tencer tweeted that the Flyers Scott Hartnell had agreed to waive his no trade clause to come to Edmonton; Souray was the player the Oilers would have been sending the other way but Tambellini pulled out of the deal.


I dig Scott Hartnell. He’s a big body who is good for 20ish goals and 45-50 points a year (60 on a great year like he had the year before). He’d instantly be the grittiest player on the Oilers roster. He’s got a contract for another three season with a $4.2 M cap hit, which isn’t a steal but is certainly reasonable. And at 28 he’s got some pretty good seasons coming up. Imagine a powerplay with him planted right in front of the oppositions goalie; not too bad if you ask me. Read more…