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Concussions and head shots, should we care?

January 20, 2011 2 comments

In 2005 I went to Florida on vacation for the first time. Having been out of university for less than a year this normally wouldn’t have been something I could have afforded but my girlfriend at the time (my wife now) was going there for a conference anyway and since her flight was covered that made the trip affordable. From that trip two things still standout in my mind: a sunburn and a magazine.

Because my girlfriend was attending a conference there was no point in me being there until the conference was over. My flight landed early in the morning, around 9am as I recall, but she wouldn’t be ready until the middle of the afternoon. Since I had a few hours to kill I went to a spring training baseball game. The game was at the spring home of the Expos Nationals and it was a great day for baseball. Certainly better than freezing my ass off in Edmonton. As it turns out though it was actually a little too nice that day and I got a brutal sunburn. Less than six hours in the state and I was burnt to a crisp. The rest of the trip the burn hurt whenever I was in the sun and as it turns out Florida is a sunny place.

Then there was the magazine I brought with me on the trip, a special edition from The Hockey News called Great Debates. It was a fantastic read. Wish I knew where it ended up to be honest. Some of the debates I remember included: the best dynasty (1980s Oilers), was Hull’s foot in the crease (hell yes it was), who is the best passer (Gretzky), contraction (yes as long as you don’t contract Edmonton),  the instigator rule (get rid of it), and of course mandatory visors (absolutely). Thanks to the Google I was able to track down a site that lists all the debates. I’m not sure I’ve ever looked more Canadian that I did on that vacation, sitting by the pool reading a hockey magazine while at the same time trying to avoid the sun to keep from burning more.

From that magazine an argument in the visor debate has always stuck with me. The gist of the argument was that it’s not whether or not visors should be mandatory but whether or not we should even care. To me that argument still gets right to the heart of the issue. If I was a player I’d do anything I could to extend my career and keep earning millions of dollars a year for as long as possible. But even though it seems like common sense to me should I really care if a player doesn’t want to wear visor? They are the ones assuming the risk after all, if they don’t care about about their safety why should I?

And you could say the exact same thing about head shots and concussions. Read more…


Look out New York we’re coming to get you

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Make no mistake, the Oilers have New York clearly in their sights. No they aren’t looking for payback with the Rangers for the Avery fueled incident that capped of Sundays 8-2 loss. No the Oilers are looking at Islanders and their hold on 30th place in the NHL.

The Oilers are 4-10-3 on the season (only the Islanders with a 4-11-3 record are worse), they’ve lost their last five games by a combined score of 30-8, there is almost no energy from the team on the ice, and now Khabibulin has been placed on the injured reserve with a groin injury. Groin injuries are a tough injury for a goalie to get back from. With Khabibulin’s injury history I think it’s safe to say that he’ll be gone for a while. This is what people mean when they say “from bad to worse”. Read more…

Horcoff Is Named The Oilers 16th (Not 13th) Captain

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

It seems oddly appropriate to me that a team that is still unclear on how many goalies should be on an NHL roster – if you’re reading this Mr. Tambellini the answer isn’t three – also can’t count properly when it comes to their history. The Oilers franchise started playing hockey in 1972 as one of the initial teams in the WHA. After seven seasons, in 1979, the team was one of four WHA teams that were merged into the NHL. If not for those seven seasons there would be no NHL team in Edmonton today and yet those years are completely removed from the Oilers history.

Two years ago the Oilers proudly celebrated their thirtieth season; sadly their thirtieth season was played in 2001 not 2008. Today the Oilers named Shawn Horcoff their thirteenth captain which is only the case if you ignore the fact that Al Hamilton, Glen Sather, and Paul Schmyr were Oiler captains before the club joined the NHL. Hamilton’s #3 hangs retired in the rafters of Rexall Place even though he played just 31 games in the NHL as an Oiler and all Sather ever did is the architect the Oilers dynasty in the 1980s but yeah lets forget all about them. Read more…

The Khabibulin Aftermath – Where Do We Go From Here?

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the Khabibulin sentence is… the minimum jail sentence and the minimum fine.  Those minimums are 30 days and a $250 fine. I think that if Khabibulin completes counseling that the court can suspend 20 of those 30 days in jail but that isn’t a certainty.

If he does spends all 30 days in jail then at the very minimum he’s going to miss the starting of training camp on September 17 and four of the Oilers six preseason games. Assuming he goes to jail right away and doesn’t appeal or drag his feet on going to jail (that would be a public relations nightmare wouldn’t it) he would be released on September 30  so theoretically he could play in Oilers last two preseason games (October 1 and October 3) but travel issues could result in him missing one, or both, of those games as well. Even is Khabibulin available to play his conditioning might keep him from seeing any game action; remember he hasn’t played since November 16 of last season. Read more…