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NHLPA survey – Edmonton sucks but the ice is good (really?!?)

January 31, 2011 2 comments

To help fill the void left in the NHL news cycle by the All-star weekend, the NHLPA and CBC released the results of a poll of 318 members of the NHLPA yesterday. This poll covers the same ground that every player poll like this covers. Where would you least like to play? Where would you most like to play? Who is the most underrated? Who is the toughest to play against? It’s the same old, same old. The questions never change and neither do the answers.

So it should come as no surprise that Edmonton was the answer a significant number of the player provided to the question “What team would you least like to play on?“. The Islanders lead the way with 27% of the vote, the Oilers followed with 20%. The Thrashers, Leafs, and Panthers rounded out the top five with 7%, 5%, and 2% respectively. Does this surprise anyone? Should Oiler fans care?

The short answer is and no and no. It’s well established that Edmonton isn’t a desirable place to play. It’s remote. It’s cold. There is a lot of travel. And the team isn’t very good. All things being equal (in other words money) if I had the choice to ply my trade in Edmonton or another NHL city I’d probably go somewhere else and I grew up here and I think Edmonton is a pretty great place to live. Read more…


Comparing Gleason-Kulemin to Avery-Smid

January 25, 2011 3 comments

First the Gleason-Kulemin fight

It’s very clear that Gleason drops his gloves and Kulemin doesn’t. It’s also pretty indisputable that Kulemin shoves Gleason in the face a couple of times before the “fight”. Kulemin is certainly over his head in a fight with Gleason but if he’s shoving his gloves in his face what does he expect to happen?

Now the Avery-Smid fight (skip ahead to the 3:30 mark)

Read more…

A new road jersey for the Oilers in 2011/12?

January 18, 2011 Leave a comment

At some point between the end of last season and the start of this season the Oilers retro coloured jerseys became their home jerseys. When exactly this happened I don’t know; I first noticed it in December in the Oilers online store. Regardless of when it happened, I think it’s a good move for a couple of reasons. First I love the old colours, simple as that. Second I don’t really like the layout of our current white and navy jerseys. The stripes on the arms and the piping on the front just don’t look all that great to me. I don’t mind them but I wouldn’t miss them either if they were replaced; which has already happened for the home jerseys and, according to Icethetics, could happen to the road jerseys as well for the start of the 2011/12 seasonRead more…

Horcoff Is Named The Oilers 16th (Not 13th) Captain

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

It seems oddly appropriate to me that a team that is still unclear on how many goalies should be on an NHL roster – if you’re reading this Mr. Tambellini the answer isn’t three – also can’t count properly when it comes to their history. The Oilers franchise started playing hockey in 1972 as one of the initial teams in the WHA. After seven seasons, in 1979, the team was one of four WHA teams that were merged into the NHL. If not for those seven seasons there would be no NHL team in Edmonton today and yet those years are completely removed from the Oilers history.

Two years ago the Oilers proudly celebrated their thirtieth season; sadly their thirtieth season was played in 2001 not 2008. Today the Oilers named Shawn Horcoff their thirteenth captain which is only the case if you ignore the fact that Al Hamilton, Glen Sather, and Paul Schmyr were Oiler captains before the club joined the NHL. Hamilton’s #3 hangs retired in the rafters of Rexall Place even though he played just 31 games in the NHL as an Oiler and all Sather ever did is the architect the Oilers dynasty in the 1980s but yeah lets forget all about them. Read more…

Cogliano And The Oilers Finally Come To Terms

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

With players reporting to camp in just seven days the Oilers and Andrew Cogliano have finally agreed to terms on a new contract. Wow did that take a long time. And let me say it came not a moment too soon. Just minutes after I read a story from Craig Custance that Cogliano had a serious offer to play in Russia this season, news of the new contract broke. I wasn’t really sold that Russia was going to be a truly viable option for Cogliano but considering how getting this deal done has dragged on and on and on it did make me just a little less comfortable all the same.

It’s a one year deal and because the Oilers still operate with a mindset circa 1955 when it comes to releasing financial details the dollars aren’t know just yet. My bet is that it’ll be in the $1.25-1.5 M range which would put him somewhere between what a player with two 18 goals seasons in his first three years in the league would get and what a player coming off a career low of 10 goals would get. Read more…

Hall Will Wear Number 4 But I Wish He Wouldn’t

September 8, 2010 2 comments

According to the Edmonton Journal, Taylor Hall will be wearing the number 4 when he joins the Oilers this season. Hall will be only the Oiler other than Kevin Lowe to wear that number during the Oilers NHL history. I don’t know for sure but I have to assume someone wore 4 during the Oilers seven seasons in the WHA. To be totally fair what number a player is going to wear isn’t really all that important but this is Edmonton and the only Oiler related news available right now consists of trade rumors for Souray and the state of Cogliano’s contract negotiations, so this counts as significant news.

Kevin Lowe is a huge part of the Oilers history. Everyone already knows the facts but they’re worth repeating: he was the clubs first pick in the 1979 entry draft; he scored the teams first goal in the NHL; he was a part of all five Oiler Stanley Cup winning teams; he has served time as the team’s captain, coach, and general manager; and he is the only Oiler to play more that 1000 games for the team. Bruce McCurdy thought enough of Lowe to include him on the Oilers Mount Puckmore. Regardless of what you might think of some of his most recent work in the Oilers front office you can’t deny his impact on the history of the Oilers. Read more…

Comrie Is Heading To The Penguins

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Comrie’s second stint in Edmonton has officially come to an end. Mike Comrie’s agent Rich Winter broke the news on the Team 1260 this morning that his client, Mike Comrie, will be playing in Pittsburgh next season. Winters didn’t give a dollar amount but did say it was a very cheap one year deal. Comrie missed some significant time with mono last season but still posted 13-8-21 in 43 games for the Oilers.

I would have liked the Oilers to bring Comrie back this season on a one year deal comparable to the $1.125M the Oilers paid him last season. Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, Comrie was a top six NHL forward. He has scored at least 20 goals in three of the five post lockout seasons and scored at a 20 goal pace last season too but was derailed by mono. He is most certainly small but he plays tougher than you might expect at first. In fact his style of play is something some many of the Oilers small forwards could benefit from watching. Read more…