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The Oilers Are Down To 24 – Just One Move Left

News of the Oilers more cuts from training camp was released this morning. The group that just missed the cut included Belle, Giroux, O’Marra, Omark, Ondrus, Petiot, Reddox, and Vande Velde. By placing Jacques on the IR the Oilers will be down to a 24 man roster. The final decision will be to assign Souray to the AHL or keep him here until a trade can be made and send one of Deslauriers or Dubnyk down instead.

My gut says that the Oiler will send Deslauriers down and keep Souray around (in name only) for now and keep working on a deal. If they assign him they are all but accepting that they will have to take on half of Souray’s contract for the next two years. Despite all the evidence to the contrary it seems like Tambellini still believes there is a market for Souray. The only downside to this course of action would be if a team made a waiver claim on Deslauriers. Or Dubnyk if that’s the case. I almost can’t imagine a team claiming either one but stranger things have happened.

Looking at the cuts, Reddox and Petiot are the two names on the list that I thought did enough at camp to stay with the big club. I thought Reddox was much better than Jones throughout camp and while the battle for the last spot on the blue line between Petiot and Peckham was closer I’d have given the edge to Petiot. The decision in both cases probably came down to size. Jones and Peckham bring a bit more of a physical element that it looks like Oilers management wants; you need to look no further than the MacIntyre signing for proof of that.

Of the eight players the Oilers cut today six have been placed on waivers for assignment to Oklahoma City: Belle, Giroux, Omark, Ondrus, Petiot, and Reddox. Reddox is the only player in the group that could generate any interest from other teams. If he does clear waivers – and I really hope he does – he is likely at the top of the list to be recalled when the Oilers suffer an injury to their forwards. Reddox isn’t flashy but he is dependable; not exactly a terrible trait for a forward in your bottom six. He works hard and is more than willing to go the tough areas of the rink. He is also able to do some pretty good work on the penalty kill as well. I have a soft spot for that little red headed guy, hopefully we see him back in Edmonton sooner than later.

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