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Cogliano And The Oilers Finally Come To Terms

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

With players reporting to camp in just seven days the Oilers and Andrew Cogliano have finally agreed to terms on a new contract. Wow did that take a long time. And let me say it came not a moment too soon. Just minutes after I read a story from Craig Custance that Cogliano had a serious offer to play in Russia this season, news of the new contract broke. I wasn’t really sold that Russia was going to be a truly viable option for Cogliano but considering how getting this deal done has dragged on and on and on it did make me just a little less comfortable all the same.

It’s a one year deal and because the Oilers still operate with a mindset circa 1955 when it comes to releasing financial details the dollars aren’t know just yet. My bet is that it’ll be in the $1.25-1.5 M range which would put him somewhere between what a player with two 18 goals seasons in his first three years in the league would get and what a player coming off a career low of 10 goals would get. If Cogliano has a bounce back year he can go through all of this again or take the team to arbitration is he really wants to.

On Wednesday David Staples had a great article about Cogliano changing his game to become more of a two-way player. If Cogliano can make this adjustment in his game then he and the Oilers will both win. With spots in the Oilers top six almost all spoken for Cogliano needs to separate himself from the pack and get some playing time. Being a solid two-way player will do just that and it’s something that the Oilers have a need for in their lineup. If he can make the transformation it’s a win for Cogliano and the club.

He’s got room to improve his game for sure but I think he has all the tools to be a very valuable player in this league for a long time to come. Getting him under contract and not letting this drag into camp so he can on with the season is a good move for all involved.

— Updated @ 1:54 —

Ryan Rishaug confirms through Twitter that the deal is for one year and $1 M. That folks is a very cheap and very tradeable contract. If they settled at $1 M I really wonder what the Oilers were offering to start. It would have had to have been JF Jaques type money.

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