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Comrie Is Heading To The Penguins

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Comrie’s second stint in Edmonton has officially come to an end. Mike Comrie’s agent Rich Winter broke the news on the Team 1260 this morning that his client, Mike Comrie, will be playing in Pittsburgh next season. Winters didn’t give a dollar amount but did say it was a very cheap one year deal. Comrie missed some significant time with mono last season but still posted 13-8-21 in 43 games for the Oilers.

I would have liked the Oilers to bring Comrie back this season on a one year deal comparable to the $1.125M the Oilers paid him last season. Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, Comrie was a top six NHL forward. He has scored at least 20 goals in three of the five post lockout seasons and scored at a 20 goal pace last season too but was derailed by mono. He is most certainly small but he plays tougher than you might expect at first. In fact his style of play is something some many of the Oilers small forwards could benefit from watching.

Looking at the forwards the Oilers have under contract right now there will be at least two rookies on this team to start the year and possibly three depending on how everything shakes out at camp. I’m not a big fan of loading the roster with rookies when there are plenty of serviceable veterans like Comrie out there. Rather than drop teenagers into the deep end I think they should spend some time in the AHL first (in Hall’s case another season in the OHL) and come to Edmonton when they’re ready. The Oilers are not going to make the playoffs this season so I for one don’t see the rush to get these kids into the lineup.

To be fair, the Oilers not signing Comrie may not have had anything to do with Tambellini and the Oilers not trying to bring him on board though. Winters made it very clear in his interview that Comrie wanted to go to a contender. I don’t think anyone out there sees the Oilers as a contender and the Penguins most certainly are contenders. Toss in that he’ll supposedly be skating on Crosby’s left side and it starts to look like a deal that simply too good to pass up. He’s already made plenty of money in the NHL and I think Hilary Duff has a couple of dollars in her bank account too so taking a pay cut for the chance to win certainly makes sense to me. This is great deal for both Comrie and the Pens.

But even if Comrie didn’t want to return the Oilers should have still been looking to add a solid veteran like him to this lineup. Tambellini disagrees and has gone on the record as saying the Oilers have all the players they need and won’t be adding anymore this offseason. I think that an opportunity missed.

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