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Could Hartnell Have Been An Oiler?

Last night Dan Tencer tweeted that the Flyers Scott Hartnell had agreed to waive his no trade clause to come to Edmonton; Souray was the player the Oilers would have been sending the other way but Tambellini pulled out of the deal.


I dig Scott Hartnell. He’s a big body who is good for 20ish goals and 45-50 points a year (60 on a great year like he had the year before). He’d instantly be the grittiest player on the Oilers roster. He’s got a contract for another three season with a $4.2 M cap hit, which isn’t a steal but is certainly reasonable. And at 28 he’s got some pretty good seasons coming up. Imagine a powerplay with him planted right in front of the oppositions goalie; not too bad if you ask me.

All of this this the Oilers could have gotten in return for Souray, a player they can’t give away now. Now Tencer doesn’t give a time line on when the deal was supposedly in the works but if it was after Souray had publicly stated that he’d waive his no trade clause I just don’t know what Tambellini was thinking. When Souray first said that he’d waive his no trade clause the spin in Edmonton was that he was just willing to help the team improve. Obviously we all know now that he in fact wanted out of Edmonton.

The public and the main stream media might not have know what was going on in Souray’s head but Tambellini should have. Part of his job is to know what’s going on with this team and he doesn’t his coaching staff should certainly be helping him out. Instead having his finger on the pulse of the team and making a move then the Oilers are now left with far less palatable options – add an incentive like Cogliano to the trade or take on a dead weight contract – to get a deal done.

If this deal was there for the taking, and lets be realistic we’ll never know for sure, Tambellini not jumping on was a bad decision. A bad decision that could easily be made to look worse when (if) he finally manages to get Souray traded.

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