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Spilled Oil Goes Live

1931 years ago today Mount Vesuvius exploded burying the City on Pompeii. Someday I can only assume that school children will be taught that this is also the day that Spilled Oil was launched upon the World. Then again maybe not.

This site isn’t technically new, in fact it’s actually a resurrection of the site I blogged at prior to last season. I could have just gone back to using that site but I like all the fancy things I can do here at Word Press so I made the change.

So where was I last year? At first glance you might think that I took a year off. Perhaps I went to Russia to blog on the KHL.  Wrong and wrong, no last year I blogged about the Oilers at Hockey Independent.  It’s a great site, with plenty of good and/or funny bloggers, and I had a lot of fun there (I will still post there once or twice a week during the season) but I just want my own little chunk of the internet. A place I could call home.

So what can you expect from Spilled Oil. To put it bluntly, my thoughts and the occasional rant about the Oilers. I love the Oilers and I think about the Oilers, read about the Oilers, and listen to Oiler talk on the radio more than is probably healthy. Like most fans I have my opinions on what the team needs to do and if I didn’t post my thoughts somewhere I’d have to bore my wife with even more Oiler related rants than I already do. She’s fantastic and she loves the Oilers but the woman has limits. Consider this blog a tool to keep her from killing me. And maybe it’ll entertain you a bit too.

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